2 Tier Birthday Cake Flowers

2 Tier Birthday Cake Flowers

I recently decorated a Spot 2 Tier Birthday Cake Flowers, like Spot the dog. Being reasonably not used to cake decorating and novelty birthday cakes I am attempting to make certain that I learn some lessons from every experience I have in making a novelty birthday cake and share those lessons with someone else who could possibly be interested in making novelty birthday cakes.

When I made this Spot 2 Tier Birthday Cake Flowers I was actually on vacation and sticking to family, so instead of mess us their kitchen completely, I simply used pre-made sponge cake and did each of the decorating. So here are a few of the lessons I learnt from Spot the dog!

1. Cut the contour of your cake out before you decide to position the cake with an aluminum covered cake board - I initially position the cake around the board first then reduce my spot birthday cake shape, only to find that I cut my aluminum to pieces and had to change it.

2. Make sure you have adequate frosting to hide the cake - I found that I was running out of frosting and had to essentially begin to skimp around the sides of the cake. Make sure you have adequate - or if you will need two colors of frosting, like I did then position the color in a single section first and use that. I found I had lots of blue left but was actually skimping around the yellow, so clearly had my quantities a bit messed up!

3. Get the consistency of your frosting right - I followed a recipe but that recipe ended in the frosting being quite thick which has been breaking the cake as I attemptedto spread it. I finished up applying the microwave for a few seconds to soften it however, of course, it turned out too runny! So it turned out to the fridge for a bit. Eventually I got it right but it turned out a balancing act between too thick and too thin.

4. Be careful when spreading the frosting, be slow and patient so you don't end up getting crumbs throughout your frosting - my pre-made sponge cake was very crumbly so I really had to take it easy and turn into patient so as not to get crumbs during the entire frosting and never to ruin the cake!

5. Frosting the perimeters of the cake can be a painstaking business, go slowly and come out instead of rush it and ruin it - as I was getting at the end I was so pleased that I did begin to rush just a little and my quality of labor was beginning suffer consequently. I had to remind myself to decrease and do it right!

6. Improvise where you will need to - sometimes you need to simply improvise! I was supposed to have half a red jelly bean for Spot's mouth but used half a red smartie instead! There are lots of other instances in making novelty birthday cakes in which you can swap inside and outside items as you will need to.

7. There's nothing you can't mask with icing - there were several times along the way in decorating lots of birthday cake where I thought I had really messed things up. But you know, I've really arrived at believe there is nothing you can't hide by incorporating frosting or icing no you'll notice what you thought was obviously a big deal! Don't stress, just have fun!

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